UK business are losing a huge £234 billion to competitors by failing to provide a satisfactory customer experience and 92% of consumers have had a poor customer experience and 46% have moved to a competitor as a result

If you want to avoid becoming one of these statistics read our insightful guide to ensure you can create customer experience strategies that impact the bottom line.

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This guide is aimed at anyone whose role touches the customer experience, whether in marketing and optimisation, or at an operational level running a customer service department or contact centre.

By reading this paper you will discover:

  • What a great multichannel strategy looks like
  • How customers prefer to get in touch with your contact centre
  • How customers research before making a purchase
  • Where and why customers abandon purchases
  • What makes customers switch to a competitor
  • What you need to do to lead customers to buy from you again
  • How to build brand loyalty with simple, but impactful changes